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Hack for Inclusion

Had the pleasure of being part of the hackathon organizing team, working with Tarikh Campbell & Dinesh Ganapathi of Microsoft on the MIT...

Podcast: Neurodiversity Superpowers

Resuming my #podcast after a hiatus. Here, I had spoken with Katherine McCord on #neurodiversity in #hiring & #talentacquisition. At the...

Podcast: Leadership for the Future of Work

In today's episode, we hear from MIT Sloan Senior Lecturer, Dr. Michellana Jester, on best practices for building a culture of trust,...

Personal Brand: 5 Steps to Lead with Your Strengths

200K followers and counting: It is a bit surreal to consider. Now that I'm starting at MIT Sloan School of Management for the one year...

10 Tips to Master LinkedIn

Get past limitations to your effectiveness on LinkedIn based on false assumptions. A small investment of time can pay.

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