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Hack for Inclusion

Had the pleasure of being part of the hackathon organizing team, working with Tarikh Campbell & Dinesh Ganapathi of Microsoft on the MIT Sloan School of Management #hackforinclusion, to develop a challenge statement on #ethicalAI. You can learn more about this hackathon to “unlock human capital” here: It took place in April 2022. For more on the team:

Have been impressed by the #corporateleadership on #ethics, standards, equity, transparency which has been very affirming & hope-generating. More in this World Economic Forum case study:

This work has aligned well with the work I’ve done with Leo Anthony Celi at MIT Critical Data at Massachusetts Institute of Technology on high #quality #AI using approapriate #data & #bigdata to advance #publichealth #digitalhealth. Our chapter

LinkedIn post:

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